Working as a massage therapist.

==working as a massage therapist==

Massage therapists treat their customers by using their hands to manipulate the muscles and other tissues of your body. Their touch enhances reduce pain, help you to heal injuries, improve your blood circulation, they help you relieve stress and also promote overall wellness of their clients.

==duties of a massage therapist==

As they use touch to work on their clients, the most used parts are hands, elbows, fingers, their forearms and at times they are forced to use their feet so as to pressure some muscles. They use lotions and oils when massaging a client. They also need tables and chairs where their clients stay during massage

The duration of a massage therapy depends on the type of a massage done. It can be as short as 10minutes while others can take go up to an hour or more. The massage therapist does specialise in the variety of modalities which require different techniques. The massage type depends on the need of the client and also their physical situations.

==the working condition==

Massage therapists work in an assortment of settings. Some work in franchised clinics, physician’s rooms, or fitness centre. Their working conditions depend on the site where the massage therapy is done. For instance, when giving a client a massage to relax, they dimly light the room and also the presence of soft music.


Since some massages need a lot of commitment, the therapists are also advised to take massages also. They also need to work in good working conditions to avoid injuries.

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